Purchase Debt

Instant liquidity for difficult, time-consuming or costly to recover debts.

CRS offers an introduction to debt purchase for individual debts or portfolios of debts in most industries. We will also acquire contractual debts and retentions. We have many years of experience within the insolvency, finance and debt recovery sectors so we understand the constraints placed on insolvency practitioners and lenders.

Why sell Debts?

  • Provides Instant Certainty of Fees
  • Enables Dividends to be paid to secured and unsecured creditors quickly
  • Removes the uncertainty and risk
  • Allows your resources to be utilised on more profitable tasks
  • Limits the administration costs of keeping an insolvency case open
  • Allows cases to be closed much earlier than would otherwise be the case

What type of debts?


When a company enters administration or liquidation, there are often outstanding sales ledgers to collect. We are willing to appraise these at the time of your appointment or even prior, to give certainty of realisations to the estate on day one.


We recognise that you may wish to pursue debts yourself first but you may reach a point where the debts are proving tricky to collect or you lack the time, resources or indeed funds to pursue them.  We call these the “Rump End Debts” and Midas will happily consider purchasing these, either as individual debts or as a portfolio.


In construction or contract cases the insolvent business may have retentions due from its main contractor.  These often get overlooked or can be quite difficult to collect as they are likely not to fall due until quite some time after the contract has been completed and the companies’ staff may be long gone so you cannot easily defend counterclaims.  With our access to quantity surveyors we can assess these claims and purchase them allowing you to close the case.


If you have claims or debts that could require protracted negotiation or even legal action then Midas can bring certainty and conclusion to these claims or debts by purchasing them.


Where the only asset on a company is the overdrawn director’s loan, which can be notoriously difficult to collect, Midas will look to purchase this too. 


Improve cash flow with CRS Credit Control. CRS provides a FREE audit of your debtor book detailing the total amount of book debts, work in progress and retentions outstanding from each debtor and a suggested solution based upon the information provided.

A cost effective commercial solution