Advisory services to lenders, investors and IPs

Debt Advisory Service

Practical support for lenders and investors

CRS aim to provide practical support to lenders and investors by way of objective and realistic management reports on the financial status of their clients and customers. We can do this for lenders and investors directly or working alongside other advisors such as Insolvency Practitioners as part of your team. Our debt advisory service covers a wide range of sectors but has particular focus on:


  • Commercial Debt Recovery
  • Construction and Contracting
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Property Lending

Debt Advisory services to business

CRS also offer debt advisory service and consulting services direct to businesses. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

We used CRS to review the ledger of a client of ours, serving the construction sector. We were a little concerned with the level of dilution we were experiencing. Within a day CRS had analysed the ledger, justified and explained the anomaly in the figures and proposed a compromise which worked for us and the client.

Andy Grantham | Sales & Marketing Director at Skipton Business Finance

How do we add value?

1. Day One

We believe it is important that we are consulted at the earliest opportunity which will allow us to recommend the best options. We will undertake a detailed review of your client in accordance with the specific terms of your brief, looking closely at the areas of concern. As part of our investigations, we will conduct in-depth and meaningful interviews with business management and key personnel. This approach, coupled with an intelligent interrogation of key financial data (drilling down into the detail where necessary and appropriate), gives CRS the ability to form a reliable and practical view of the business’ status.

2. Reporting

CRS do not aim to provide an audit but will verify critical management information in order to supports its opinions and will review business activity and processes to ensure that it is able to comment upon the stability of the business and will also review order books and forward forecasts to evaluate both the current financial status of the business and its ongoing viability.

Our experienced personnel are in tune with the requirements of our clients and provide business reports addressing the key elements of risk in their customer advances, how these can be monitored and mitigated where possible.

The Principals of CRS have many years of business (accounting) and lending experience and have established a substantial base knowledge of finance, risk and business management.

3. Monitoring

We are happy to look at individual assignments as well as regular client reports – monthly, or quarterly as required. Our services are of particular relevance where clients are not performing to expectations and/or show signs of strain or difficulty but might just provide an occasional independent overview in the lender/client relationship.

CRS are also willing to assist with the practical resolution of non-conforming clients and have key contacts in wider areas of business finance and management services.

Free Construction Debt Advice

We have set up a dedicated “Help Desk” to help provide small contractors and sub-contractors with Construction Debt Advice.

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