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CRS, a specialist construction debt recovery agency, have set up a dedicated “Help Desk” to help provide small contractors and sub-contractors with Free Construction Debt Advice, deal with the underhand tricks of your employers QSs.

In-depth knowledge

For almost 10 years we have been dealing with employers’ QSs, who like to have the upper hand and control, not just their developments, but their sub-contractors as though they were no more than “employees” – knowing full well that they do not have the responsibilities of employment that you have!

What to expect from our Free Debt Advice service:

We will give you one hour of our time FREE* and, at the end of this we will;

  • Give you an opinion as to how we think you stand.
  • Suggest a way forward.
  • Tell you if we can help – and how it might work.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar To You?

  • OVER AND ABOVEYou’ve done a great deal of extra work, on a job, “on trust”, only to find out you have been “shafted” in the final account!
  • VALUATIONThe valuation of the work you thought you had agreed isn’t reflected in the payment you have received.
  • BRICK WALLYou can't get through to anybody who is able, or willing, to discuss your account with you.
  • ADMIN ERRORThe variations you have agreed, done and documented, haven’t been paid for due to an “administrative error” and you’ve just missed the “payment run”.
  • LATE FIGURESYour employer’s QS is late in providing his figures.
  • PROMPT PAYMENTHow many times have you given a discount for prompt payment – and then been paid late.

Most Common Excuses For Debtors Not Paying

Read our PDF to see if any of these excuses sound familiar and what you should do. Simply complete the forma and we will email your article.

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We will give you one hour of our time FREE* in order to see if you have a case for reclaiming what is rightfully yours.

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