Customer not paying for construction work

SMEs worried about financing options as late payer issues continue to rise

Are you having issue with late payments or a customer not paying for construction work? According to MBH Corporation new research shows SME bosses are concerned that access to finance...
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Customer not paying invoice

Customer not paying invoice? Tighter payment rules ahead!

According to Construction Enquirer, reforms to the Prompt Payment Code covering small companies comes into play today requiring payment terms to be reduce from 60 days to 30 days.  ...
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Customer not paying invoice?

customer not paying invoice? 12 most common excuses

Customer not paying invoice? Here are the 12 most common excuses At CRS our team of endorsed debt recovery specialists strive to maximise the full potential of recoveries on every...
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Spend! Spend! Spend!

Not quite “Viv Nicholson”, (younger readers – that is anyone less than 50, might have to “Google” this!) but Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced his plans for a 37% increase...
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Debtors Won’t Pay

Debtors Won’t Pay – Lies Damned Lies and Statistics

This phrase, erroneously attributed to Benjamin Disraeli and occasionally used by the American Author Mark Twain, is used to describe the persuasive power of statistics to bolster a weak argumentative...
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changes to vat in construction

Changes to VAT to leave sub-contractors short of cash

Prepare for changes to VAT in construction. Sweeping changes to VAT in construction are set to be made that will significantly impact the construction industry from the 1st October 2019....
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Debts in Balance Sheet

Bad Debts in Balance Sheet

Are you experiencing Bad Debts in Balance Sheet? This blog may help shed some light on your situation.
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customer not paying for building work

customer not paying for building work? Why the Customer is not always right

“The customer is always right” is often used as an excuse for non-payment but this is incorrect. The customer is not always right, here is why.
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Credit Control Company

Outsourcing vs In House

Very few small businesses have a dedicated credit controller; such luxuries tend to be the domain of the larger business. Here is the solution.
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Customers refusing to pay for work done

How to make Customers Pay on time

Are your customers refusing to pay for work done? Here is what you should do to get back what is rightfully yours.
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credit control service

Why is credit control important?

Credit Control is a core function of any successful business. Weak processes can cause poor cash flow. Here is how our credit control service can help.
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Construction Contract Disputes

Verbal Construction Contract Disputes: The Case of Devani v. Wells

Construction Contract Disputes In the construction industry, contractual disputes are commonplace. While most building work arrangements are generally codified in some form of written document, the dispute resolution process is...
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construction debt recovery

Construction’s Top 100 Players: The Best and Worst Payers

Construction Debt Recovery Issues. An ever-growing problem. As a recent Construction News analysis reveals its exposition of the payment practices of the UK’s top 100 contractors, we take a closer...
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Women in Construction

The conversation on female representation in the construction industry is not a new one; but is one that seems to have produced as yet no real solution. It seems fitting...
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Credit Control Service

Possible skills shortage: Brexit and the future of UK construction

Tighten up your cashflow with our Credit Control Service. A recent study by recruitment company Randstad revealed that almost one third of EU nationals employed in the construction sector have...
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CVAs – not an escape from adjudication

In a pivotal ruling handed down last Thursday, the Court of Appeal has ruled that construction companies cannot avoid third party adjudication of disputes even if one of the parties...
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government payment

Government Leading By Bad Example

The issue of poor payment practices has been brought to the political forefront since the collapse of Carillion last year, as anyone familiar with the construction industry well knows. The...
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customer refusing to pay for work done

Customer refusing to pay for work done | Think Before You Sign: 5 Tips For Contractors To Bear In Mind

Customer refusing to pay for work done? In our years of experience at CRS, we’ve found that contractors often don’t spend enough time negotiating their legal position before signing a...
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outsourced credit control

Shares plummet as Interserve announces refinancing talks

In the latest series of large contractors struggling with climbing debt, Interserve has recently confirmed it is engaging in talks with lenders regarding refinancing and a possible debt-for-equity swap. The...
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retention money in construction

Retentions: Retain Or Rid? Retention money in construction contracts.

Retention money in construction contracts. Are things going to change?   The first day of the 2018 Construction News Summit saw Construction Minister Richard Harrington announce that the government policy...
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outsource credit control

Shining The Spotlight On Client Debtors

Have you considered outsource credit control?   Late payments in the construction industry have long plagued and even killed the livelihood of contractors big and small. If you haven’t already it...
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Cashflow issues

Subbies Aren’t Safe: Cashflow issues

Ease Cashflow issues with CRS Credit Control. Anyone who has been following our last series of blog posts will be well aware of the pressure under which UK construction firms...
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outsource credit control

Construction Lending Down £1.5billion

Construction Lending Down. Is it time to consider outsource credit control? The construction industry has always been rife with cashflow issues throughout its various tiers, but these look set to...
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small business cash flow management

12 Most Common Excuses For Debtors Not Paying

12 Most common excuses for debtors not paying (or only partially…) – Small business cash flow management advice from CRS. At CRS our team of endorsed debt recovery specialists strive...
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brexit effect on construction

Brexit: The Potential Effect Of A ‘No Deal’ On Construction

We are all well familiar with the topic of Brexit. Amidst the talks; vague plans, ambiguous terms, and general uncertainty about the future. But for an industry of its size...
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Forget Carillion At Your Peril!

Just because Carillion hasn’t been in the headlines for a few weeks and you may not have felt the impact of their demise yet, don’t think that we are out...
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Debt Recovery Specialists

Who’s Signed Up?

A mere 4 out of the Top 100 Construction Companies have signed up to the government’s Construction Supply Chain Payments Charter since it was set up in January 2015 and...
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Catalyst For Change? Is the Construction Industry Fit for Purpose?

Build UK, an organisation that represents 40% of the construction sector is looking to learn lessons from the demise of Carillion and is trying to lead a wholesale change in...
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Carillion in Liquidation

The knock-on effect of Carillion’s failure is potentially massive for the construction industry, even for those contractors who don’t work for them directly. IP’s are likely to be consulted in...
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Commercial Debt Recovery

Too Many Pretenders! Don’t be Fooled!

The amount of work we receive from INSOLVENCY PRACTITIONERS AND ASSET BASED LENDERS that other people have ‘already had a go at’ is astounding.   Whether it be internal staff,...
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construction debt recovery

Tricky Times Ahead for Construction – Considerations for construction debt recovery.

Want to hear more about construction debt recovery?   IPs Urged to Monitor Construction Businesses as Decline Forecast   The Construction Products Association has downgraded its forecasts for the construction...
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Network Rail Bans Retentions! But what about your retentions?

Network Rail has this week announced that it will be banning all retentions. A move which is intended to protect sub-contractors in tier 2 of the supply chain. The overhaul...
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Construction Insolvencies UP 73%

It may have not gone unnoticed that I’ve had a bit of a bee in my bonnet about Carillion, the way that they acted, the way that they allowed the...
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Who Says Retentions are Worthless?

RETENTIONS – THE FACTS Do You Know That……? Contract Retentions Average 5% of Contract Value 71% of Contractors Find Retentions are Never Paid on Time >50% of Contractors Never Get...
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Debt Recovery for IPs

Recovery for IPs

No Win No Fee on Commercial Debt Recovery for IPs Do you need help collecting commercial debts? CRS now offers general debt recovery services and Debt Recovery for IPs to...
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Alarm Bells Ring as Profit Warnings Signal Future Insolvencies

Alarm bells should be ringing for insolvency practitioners and construction company owners as a big increase in profit warnings potentially predict  a much higher number of insolvencies in the construction...
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