Too Many Pretenders! Don’t be Fooled!

Commercial Debt Recovery

The amount of work we receive from INSOLVENCY PRACTITIONERS AND ASSET BASED LENDERS that other people have ‘already had a go at’ is astounding.


Whether it be internal staff, other debt recovery ‘specialists’, lawyers or even other QS practices claiming to specialise in finance and debt recovery… time after time we find people referring other peoples failed efforts to us – AND WE STILL MANAGE TO GET RESULTS!


Imagine what results you would get if you referred your Construction Debt to us first time, at your earliest opportunity!


CRS SPECIALISE in “no win, no fee” Commercial and Construction Debt Recovery starting at 10% of whatever we collect. If we don’t collect, you don’t pay.


We will as part of our services, free of charge, review ledgers you have already collected in and advise whether we think there are any further recoveries to be made and collect out all your ‘RUMP END’ ledgers you may have written off or closed.


Please give us a call for your free consultation.

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