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Contract Recovery Solutions, established in 2010, specialises in Construction & Commercial Debt Recovery with a specific focus on working with Lenders, Insolvency Practitioners and SMEs.

Whilst the majority of our time is spent chasing debtors, we are able to produce reports on viability and security for lenders and also our insolvency clients.

Within CRS we have the expertise, and experience to offer a valid view on the critical issues of the viability of a business, or a project and the security risk to lenders. We have frequently followed “debtor auditors” who’s statistical and formulaic approach often misses the more critical issues.

We have been working with CRS for a couple of years now and the expertise that they provide to us is crucial. When you are working on complex construction cases, you need that specialist advice to ensure you are always getting the best result possible, and with their technical knowledge alongside their experience of dealing with financially distressed construction companies, that’s exactly what CRS provide.

Matthew Cluer | Begbies Traynor

Report Extracts

Each report is bespoke to you. We dont run your results through a automated algorithm, we take the time to understand your situation and its complexities. Here are a few extracts from real life reports where our wider experience has lead us to help resolve fundamental issues that the businesses were facing.

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What's the cost?

In order to remain totally objective, we aim to charge a modest fees for our reports. This tends to be around £500 – £750 per day, plus any out of pocket expenses but we have often absorbed such fee in our overall costs. We have found that when we have asked the right questions, we have quickly got to the heart of the matter.

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