Debtors Won’t Pay – Lies Damned Lies and Statistics

This phrase, erroneously attributed to Benjamin Disraeli and occasionally used by the American Author Mark Twain, is used to describe the persuasive power of statistics to bolster a weak argumentative position.


Last week, in America, the fallacy of the phrase was exposed when, refusing to accept the will of the American People, President Donald Trump sought to frustrate the compelling evidence of the election by a sequence of claims that it was all a big lie and that he had won! He intends to take the matter to The Supreme Court but is unlikely to get any satisfaction.


We can draw parallels between the president and the way some debtors act when they become entrenched in a position and will defend it at any cost. Even if they know themselves that what they are claiming is false or a twisted version of events.


In order to solve complex issues and disputes there has to be an unequivocal argument supported by relevant evidence, data and statistics. That is how CRS works to settle complex and disputed claims; we gather the information and data we have and challenge our adversaries to do the same as, inevitably, the truth lies within. We aim to disarm the strongarm bullying tactics of larger contractors who feel that whoever shouts the loudest wins!


Debtors Won’t Pay? Speak to CRS

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God Bless America!

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