Possible skills shortage: Brexit and the future of UK construction

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A recent study by recruitment company Randstad revealed that almost one third of EU nationals employed in the construction sector have considered leaving the UK as a result of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Of 1, 671 surveyed, 32% responded saying they had considered the option.

A further 1 in 5 remain undecided until after the 29th March.

In contrast to the view held largely by UK citizens, that visa uncertainty is the biggest push factor in the decision to leave, the survey found that 39% were concerned by the uncertainty surrounding construction projects, funding and availability of jobs.

These figures reveal a worrying future for UK construction, of which over one quarter of current employees come from other EU countries.

A spokesperson from the Construction Leadership Council said that, “We hope that the transition period the government intends to implement following the UK’s departure from the EU will enable workers to remain in the UK, but we have established a contingency planning group on skills and migration group to identify actions the industry can take to mitigate Brexit risks.”

The CLC has urged employers to put in place an employee retention strategy.

Regardless, possible knock-on effects of mass staff migration are numerous and potentially grave.

Understaffed contractors will inevitably lead to widespread delays in completion of jobs, and, consequently, non-release of retentions and further aggravation of the late/non-payment issue.

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