December 6, 2017
Commercial Debt Recovery
The amount of work we receive from INSOLVENCY PRACTITIONERS AND ASSET BASED LENDERS that other people have ‘already had a go at’ is astounding.   Whether it be internal staff, other debt recovery ‘specialists’, lawyers or even other QS practices claiming to specialise in finance and debt recovery… time after time we find people referring...
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construction debt recovery
Want to hear more about construction debt recovery?   IPs Urged to Monitor Construction Businesses as Decline Forecast   The Construction Products Association has downgraded its forecasts for the construction industry with no growth expected in 2018 and CRS Managing Director Tim Shore warns insolvency practitioners to beware of this when assessing construction clients.  ...
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Network Rail has this week announced that it will be banning all retentions. A move which is intended to protect sub-contractors in tier 2 of the supply chain. The overhaul means now that contractors must use project bank accounts and payments must be made to suppliers within 28 days of works being carried out.  ...
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